Thursday, December 24, 2009

App Shopper

You have all no doubt seen the links I post to the App Shopper site. I just thought I would give you a brief run down on the site and its facilities.

It is a free add supported service which uses links the the US iTunes app store to catalogue data regarding all of the applications in the store. The applications are only those from the US store and the prices are all in US dollars. A number of apps that are only available in the US store will not be accessable to us. There are occasions when the app that is in the US store differs, sometimes considerably from the app avaliable in the Australian app store.

A user can track their apps using the store by registering on the site and tagging the apps that they own by selecting the "Owm It" check box for apps that the user owns. The user can also tag apps an on their "Wish List" by selecting the wish list check box.

Apps can be searched by category and name. The search facility is not brilliant and if the app has a common name then it can take a bit of work to search through all of the pages of hits. However, if the user knows the app store number (it will be near the end of the link to the app in the iTunes app store) then you can search App Shopper for this number.

My favourite App Shopper feature by far though is the RSS reader links. If you use an RSS reader then you can use this to track various categories on App Shopper. For instance you can track changes to peice and versionon your wish list and prices and versions on your owned apps. There are a number of other RSS feeds available as well.

App Shopper is the best facility that the iTunes app store does not have.